Coffee with Adizes: Timeless Secrets to Creating an Organizational Culture of Success

Coffee with Adizes provides an opportunity for your management team to discuss key managerial topics through a guided and formatted 1.5 hour online session. The format is simple, get your management team together for one and half hours. Have a cup of coffee and listen as the Adizes Associate leading the session presents a topic related to management. The presentation will include a discussion topic for your and your management team to discuss and reflect on.

Ten ways to undermine your company, or even kill it, if you try hard enough

What do you think – do leaders have more impact on the success orthe failure of their companies? I think they impact failure more. If a company is successful, then this is the result of the good work of many, including the leader. However,if it fails,this is often the result of the hardheadedness, failure to accept others’ opinions, and, in short, poor decision-making of the leader.